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Better alternative to LogMeIn & TeamViewer. Compatible with
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SMTP Test:
POP3 Test:
DNS Lookup:
Whois Lookup:
Blacklists Lookup:
Dig @ Google Public DNS.
Test your SMTP host server.
Test your POP3 host server.
Checking DNS Records.
Find domain registration data.
Check IP or host for reputation.
Port Scan:
Speed Test:
Subnet Calc:
My IP Address:
Test the reachability of a host/IP.
Perform a port scan on the host/IP.
Perform a standard ICMP trace route.
Test your internet connection speed.
See IP information about a subnet range.
What is My IP and Get Country.

Why 4 All Tools?

As a System Engineer, I needed something that would help me troubleshoot DNS issues for clients. I also needed a tool that would help me see configuration settings when transferring websites to different hosts or even setup email. So, like any web programmer would do, I decided to create my own. Hopefully you can find it useful in your work as well.